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Government Ministries

The Government of Cameroon has over 30 ministries, each of which is headed by a political and presidential appointee entitled "minister" or "minister of state" (a more senior level). All ministries are broken down further into directorates and departments. In line with the constitution the position of minister or minister of state should be exclusive and cannot be taken with any other form of employment - this also means MPs and senators cannot be ministers. Ministers, however, have access to parliament and can participate in deliberations. Within each ministry one may find a "delegated minister" (French "ministre délégué") - which is a third-ranking political appointee after minister of state and minister. The secretary-general in each ministry is the highest ranking civil servant.
Government Ministries in Cameroon
Ministry of Agriculture & Rural Development
Ministry of Basic Education
Ministry of Commerce
Ministry of Communications
Ministry of Culture
Ministry of Defence
Ministry of Economy, Planning and Regional Development
Ministry of Employment and Professional Training
Ministry of Energy and Water Resources
Ministry of Environment and Nature Protection
Ministry of External Affairs
Ministry of Finance
Ministry of Forestry and Wildlife
Ministry of Higher Education
Ministry of Industry, Mines and Technological Development
Ministry of Justice
Ministry of Labour and Social Security
Ministry of Lands and Titles
Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries
Ministry of Post and Telecommunications
Ministry of Public Health
Ministry of Public Services and Administrative Reform
Ministry of Public Works
Ministry of Scientific Research and Innovation
Ministry of Secondary Education
Ministry of Social Affairs
Ministry of Sports and Physical Education
Ministry of Territorial Administration and Decentralisation
Ministry of Tourism
Ministry of Transport
Ministry of Urban Development and Housing
Ministry of Women and Family Protection
Ministry of Youth Affairs

NB/ As envisage by the CRP the reformation process will be carried out quickly and will involve all governments departments and ministries. ALSO IMPROVISING SOFTWARE SYSTEMS TO HELP MANAGE THE SYSTEM PROPERLY AND AND PAVING A WAY TO TRANSPARENCY AND THE LONG AWAITED GOOD GOVERNANCE.The number of this ministries matches with the PRESENT POLITICAL STATUS OF CAMEROON BUT WHICH IS FULL OF CORRUPTION AND MAL-PRACTICES
Coat of Arms
The shield emblem bearing the coat of arms has the name 'Republic of Cameroon' and is supported by two crossed faces with the motto 'Peace-Work-Fatherland'
Capital City
Yaounde is the capital city of Cameroon and second largest city in the country after Douala.
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