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Cameroon, Iraq Ranked Bottom In Governance

By Peterkins Manyong
Cameroon has been ranked among five worst countries in the world in terms of governance. The other countries are Iraq, Chad, Somalia, Zimbabwe and Romania.

The information is contained in a Governance Perception Index, a survey carried out by a Harvard University team, led by Robert I. Rotberg, [Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University and President, World Peace Foundation] a Professor of that American renowned institution.

The survey examines governance in 100 countries. Sweden, Denmark, Botswana and South Africa occupy the first group.

Edward Ngalah, Northwest representative at the National Anti-Corruption Observatory, said Cameroon and the other countries in the group are sending their citizens to misery and death through dictatorship, poor health, poor education, corruption and injustice.

Commenting on the recent results of the Corruption Perception Index, CPI, released by Transparency International, he said Cameroon performed far worse than in previous years, although she was not the least on the list. He said Cameroon tailed the list when the survey involved only 100 countries.

This year she was number 138 out of 163, which makes its position worse. He said Cameroon finds it difficult to improve because governance is bad, the rule of law is almost absent and there is no transparency in management. Cameroon practices voodoo economics," Ngalah said.

He said a small group of people have taken the country hostage. They include party barons, friends and tribesmen to those at the helm of the state.

He recalled a declaration by Central Committee member, Charles Ateba Eyene, who said there are some strikingly rich Cameroonians capable of financing a 30-year war in Cameroon.

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