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Frank Biya set to succeed Paul Biya in Cameroon

With Sadi’s 36 years at the presidency brought to an end after his appointment as Senior minister in-charge of territorial administration.
Amadou Ali’s reign at the super ministry of Justice brought to an end after a fine job in putting all Biya’s revivals in jail;

Inside information reaching  CRP-PARTY states that Paul Biya has just cleared the stage for a well deserve retirement in 3 years.

Family sources says mid-term into his seven years rule, Biya will enthrone Frank Biya, his son and TIMBER TYCOON as president and will head a transitional government for the remaining term to secure Biya’s save exit from politics and a befitting burial at his Mvomeka Ranch.

     According to the Cameroon Reformation Party in the Presidency

In this regards the CRP-Party with a lots of concern on Citizens has advice that all Cameroonians both at home and abroad should stay off the MARAFA - INONI issues. The solution lies on their hands and their King they have longed worshiped.

In strong terms, are advising all bona fide Political Party leaders, Opinion Pools, the citizens of Cameroon and Well-wishers not to waste their time thinking on a solution to this issue, instead they should unite to think of how to eradicate bad governance and ways of building a better Cameroon.

It’s a tactic of the CPDM to divert your attention away from your rights and freedom.
“Cat & mice tactics”

Remember in 1992 and 1997 elections, if you imagine of Inoni running up and down with filled ballot Boxes in the city of Limbe in other to fraud elections. At that time,

Did he had any Cameroonian in a secure, just and kind corner of his mind?

Same years, if you could imagine of ONEL founded by Marafa destine to corrupt elections for King Biya was he thinking on behalf of any Cameroonian?

Marafa, You were the chief planner and the political guru creating means to enable your master Biya indefinite means to remain in power, by massive violation of the people rights, Citizens abuse and molestation,  falsifying elections results, Creating the failed ONEL and throwing others in jail e.g. Lapiro.

Do you think you are different from others?

The evil that men do lives after them.
Stay blessed and pray for the Cameroon reformation party to bring about reforms

Their freedom lies in the hands of their declared king Biya whom they have longed favoured.
Following the Footsteps of Gabon and DR.Congo.Biya is successfully paving a away to his sun Frank where he considers a full presidential immunity can easily be granted if he does not die in power.
CRP “with you for you”

Blessed be the land of glory Cameroon

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