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Why we need a Change
CRP-Party Conference in Birmingham
Words from the Acting Leader
We are more a pressure group than a political party. Our main aim is not to take over power in Cameroon. Our main aim is to make sure that social justice reigns in Cameroon. So, we must all join forces to force the government to make sure that these changes take place. We must also encourage and criticise other political party leaders who are not acting on behalf of the population or who are not carrying out their duties as they should. E will continue to pressure our leaders to act responsibly and if the changes that we are asking for come, then we shall join our leaders to work as a team on behalf of our people.

But my dear friends, if our leaders are not willing to accept our request for social justice in our beloved Cameroon, then we shall have no other alternative, than to do all what we possibly can, to effect the changes we dearly desire for our country, for our brothers and sisters, and for our children and the children of our children.

We are going to start this fight by making sure that a young woman, whose child was stolen from the hospital gets the answer to her questions. We are going to make sure that Miss Vanessa Ďs case be brought to the limelight. We are going to make sure that the Cameroon government punishes those who are responsible for the abduction of this young womanís child. Fellow Cameroonians, Vanessa is one of us. She is our daughter, our sister and our niece. This thing could have happened to one of us. The Biya government, ruled by people whose main aim is to protect the interest of Biya and foreign government against the interest of their own people has let us down for the past 30 years.

The only reason why Biya has supporters is because, these supporters are thinking of the personal benefit they are reaping for supporting this dictator. Letís remember that this dictator who has no friend has never won any election throughout his political career. There are those who thought supporting Biya was a pride. And today we see them proudly taking their residence at Kondegui Prison. It is better to be a Kondegui Resident as someone who is against the Biya regime than to be locked up in Kondegui after kissing the KINGíS backside. Here amongst us are people who are licking the Kingís boots. They know fully well that the King is useless. Yet they support him. We all know why they are with the King. They are hoping to eat from the crumbs that fall off the Kingís table. Na langa people them. To these people, I can guarantee them that by the time they will eat the crumbs from the Kingís table, the King will already be gone and we shall be in control of that country. If you have not learnt a lesson from Inoni-Marafa-Ezdoa experience, then be rest assured that, you are not in total denial of your own very existence.
Letís come back to Miss Vanessa. We are going to carry out a maxi demonstration in this country in support of Ms Vanessa against the mal-treatment she has had from the Biya government. Letís remember that this same government gave 500 million cfa to the victims of the Haiti disaster. Yet, the Biya government is refusing to spend just one hundred thousand cfa to get those responsible for the abduction of a young womanís child. There is no justice here. We MUST force the government to make sure that, this young woman gets justice, we must make sure that this kind of thing never happens in our country again, and we must make sure that if it does happen, the victims get a just treatment and the perpetrators are brought to justice. Fellow Cameroonians, are you ready to join CRP for a maxi demonstration in London? Are you ready? Are you ready to see that our country becomes the place where every citizen is treated equally and with fairness?
For us to make this happen, I would advise that we participate in person and invite others to join the cause. Do not sit behind and say, itís not my kind of thing. Doctors, lawyers, teachers Police Officers in democratic countries and even in non-democratic countries go to the streets, protest against their governments and call for reforms. So, we are calling on you guys to join us. One man cannot take 20 million people hostage for 30 years except the 20 million people are all idiots. We are not idiots.
Our demonstration for Justice For Vanessa shall take place in London at a date that will be announced later. The Embassy in London is our house, itís our country and our property. It will always remain the property of Cameroon. It was there at the time of CNU, and it shall still be there after the fall of CPDM and the rise to power of CRP. And we shall treat it as a Cameroon land. Ladies and gentlemen, our fight for reform officially starts today. Start to mobilise friends and sympathisers. Start to prepare your placards for the great demonstration that will take place in London. We have been sleeping for too long. The time has come for action. There is no turning back.
Should we remain indifferent? Should we sit and fold our arms while a few greedy people loot our coffers, rape our sisters and daughters, kill our children and brothers? Should we sit down while innocent people are wrongfully detained, arrested and tortured? Should we fight for our rights? Should we make sure that social justice reigns in Cameroon? So, we must stick together. We must be united. We must support the University students who have been arrested, tortured, imprisoned and even dismissed from University because they wanted the best for their country.
Cameroon Reformation Party must reform the Cameroon society through you.
Dual Nationality a Hindrace to Economic growth in Cameroon
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