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Why Am I with the CRP-Party.

Thousands of Cameroonians Has decided now is time to Join the
CRP's New Generation. Now you have seen some of the reasons why


1) I belief in a Fairer and a more just Democratic society in  Cameroon,

2) Tired of corruption, Tribalism, Favoritisms and Nepotism
3) Angered at been Governed by Corruption People Demonstrating Malevolence (C.P.D.M)

4) I love ideas and Aims of CRP and want to get involve.

5) Only CRP is prepared to help Cameroonians.

6) I Hate to be govern for too long by a Dictator.

7) I want to make a difference.

8) I want a Gorvernment that represents me and my family.

9) For a better future and a better Cameroon.

10) To free my country from political pirates.

11) To support CRP for this great job.

12) I love ideas and aims of CRP and I want to get involve.

13) I want a free society, I wish to work hard for the CRP.

14) I am happy with the values and aims of the CRP.

15) I love the policies of the CRP towards women and children.

16) I use to support CPDM and now i am disappointed.

17) I want a better future for my children.

18) I want CRP to reform Cameroon.

19) I belief that the CRP is the way to happy living in Cameroon.

20) I am happy with the values of such reforms therefore i am with the CRP

21) I want dual nationality law be ratified in Cameroon

Its Now clear that Children has been hit hardest by the generation of Biya and his CPDM regime. Since 1982 no attention has been taken to develop facilities for these young generation which they are growing up innocently in these wild wilderness of development and prosperity stagnation.
Mvondo : Opposing Biya  on grounds of Cameroon 'national interests' invites other countries to justify their traditions of transparency
Jean Pierre posted a comment for the campaign 'This Land Is Our Land' Cameroon is not for a selected group of freinds or people